All street Raw Footy from a 10 year old skater

Giovanni Alvarez 10 Year Old Skater Raw Street Footage


The last video before Giovanni Alvarez turns 11years old. RAW STREET footage. Decided to put out an all street video, learned a lot of new tricks,

redid some older ones, some throwaways, it was fun!!! Like it, hate it,

it’s all good…’Ima be me’ and keep on shredding anyway no matter what,

lol. Peace and thanks!

Giovanni Alvarez 10 year old skateboarder

Giovanni’s YouTube Contest-

Earning the rights of FLOW The first 50 comments/Youtube Subscribers will be part of a drawing eligible to win a FREE PHENOM DECK. No stupid hater comments please, only constructive and positive comments will be accepted…he’s only 10, give him a break.


1st contest

My first contest a few years ago now got air fakies,frontside airs, backside airs, lipslides, and more!!!