Young Born Ready is the best 6yr old in the Nation

Young Born Ready is the best 6yr old in the Nation. His skills are well beyond his years and he’s already competing at a high level. Born Ready recently participated in the 2010 9U AAU National Championships in Orlando FLA, becoming the youngest kid to ever compete in Nationals at 5yrs old. In this video Born Readys’ playing “up” against 5th graders. Young plays for Evolution Basketball where:
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Holiday – Newbury Rock School Kids. Kid band from 6 years old! Berkshire UK

The song Holiday written and recorded by kids at Newbury Rock School in Berkshire UK.
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Thanks to Chris, C.J, and Ryan, Tim, Tom and Dan for their endless patience getting this recorded with 40 kids! Also thanks to Studio 91’s Jordan and Sam for making the impossible possible in mixing the song, and Mark for filming it! And special thanks to the 40 kids! Keep on rocking!