Kid Fitness Video by The WorkOut Kid

Workout Kid is a fun, high energy fitness video specifically designed for children and young adults looking to get and stay in shape. It’s led by the workout kid himself, CJ Senter – the youngest Fitness instructor ever! Prepare to to have fun as CJ and his friends motivate you and your family into action with his exclusive workout routine designed to sculpt your body, boost your energy and build your self esteem. Checkout out our website to purchase volume one of the DVD series:

All street Raw Footy from a 10 year old skater

Giovanni Alvarez 10 Year Old Skater Raw Street Footage


The last video before Giovanni Alvarez turns 11years old. RAW STREET footage. Decided to put out an all street video, learned a lot of new tricks,

redid some older ones, some throwaways, it was fun!!! Like it, hate it,

it’s all good…’Ima be me’ and keep on shredding anyway no matter what,

lol. Peace and thanks!

On Board Camera with Micou

Micou, 11 years old, current Belgian Indoor Karting Champion (Maxi category) is trying out the GoPro in Mariembourg, Belgium


His go-kart is an Alpha with a IAME Boxer 100cc engine. The tires are almost totally worn out!